Daniel Enkaoua
Daniel Enkaoua


VOLTA 13, Brandt Gallery, 12-17 June 2017, Basel, Switzerland. 


MANHOOD, May 29, 2017 - Aug 25 2017, group exhibition curated by Daria Kaufman, Litvak Contemporary, Tel Aviv, Israel.

''EN FACE'' , Coming solo exhibition: 27 September - 28 October 2017, Galerie Koch, Hannnover, Germany.


A catalog will be published with 60 pages and hard cover with an introduction by Prof. Ulrich Krempel.

Catalog on request, email: okoch@galeriekoch.de

Sarah, 2016 (29,4 x 27,2cm)


HORIZON, Dec 22, 2016- April 28, 2017, group exhibition, Litvak Contemporary, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Horizon, 2013 (30 x 54,4cm)

RÉSILIENCE,  14.02 > 26.03.2017, Esther Verhaeghe Art Concept, H18 open space, Brussels, Belgium.

Articles covering the exhibtion:

15/03/2017, Arts Libre (La libre Belgique)

Roger Pierre Turine

2017.02.22-MAD (Le Soir)

Résilience, l'art contemporain sans cliché, Daniéle Gillemon


Résilience, Louis de Biasin.


Voyage dans l'au-delà, Bernard Roisin.

Art Karlsruhe with Galerie Koch, 16-19 February 2017, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Sarah accoudée, 2016 (20 x 20cm)
Portrait de Natan avec lumière en face, 2016 (32,7 x 27,1cm)

                                                                                                                                                                                            Group exhibition: Corner at Sophienlholm museum, 20 January-19 February 2017, Lyngby, Denmark.

Liel torse nu, vu de face, 2015-16 (44 x 33,7cm)

''COLLECTION'', group exhibition at DE Queeste Art, Abele Belgium, 20 November - 18 December 2016.

Portrait de Natan au sol, 2015-16, oil on canvas mounted on wood.


Interdiciplinary project:


International Festival of Contemporary Music INTRADA 2016,Timishoara, Rumania.

Instalation curated by Doron Kaufman.


Showed works in the installation:

LIQUID THOUGHT, three artists:


Frances Blane, Daniel Enkaoua & Chris Stevens

De Queeste Art 09 October 2016 - 06 November 2016, Abele, Belgium.


HUMAN MOUNTAIN, Montserrat Museum, 9 June-2 October 2016.


link to the exhibition:







Natan vu de dos 2013 ( 73 x 64,4cm)




''RESILIENCE'', at Esther Verhaeghe Concepts, 14 February-26 March 2017, Open Space H18, Brussels, Belgium. 


Art Karlsrhe art Fair with Galerie Koch, 18 February-19 February 2017, Karlsruhe, Germany.


Next solo exhibition, September 2017 at Galerie Koch, Hannover Germany.