Daniel Enkaoua
Daniel Enkaoua




Solo exhibition at Esher Verhaeghe Art Concept in Hangar H18 Open Space 15 October-21 November, Belgium.



Solo exhibtion at De Queeste Art, 11 October - 22 November, Abele, Belgium.


Solo exhibtion at The Saarländische Künstlerhaus from the 23th of July untill the 6th of September 2015, Saarsbrüken, Germany.

Recent publication of the first monograph by Polígrafa Editions.

worldwide distribution details:   http://www.edicionespoligrafa.com/es/distribuidores

Art  KARLSRUHE 05-08 March2015, with galerie Koch from Hannover, Karsruhe, Germany.

Aure et la chaise blanche, 2008 ( 116 x 89,4cm)

Galerie Koch 60th anniversary, 5 February, Hanover, Germany.

Liel torse nu, 2014-15 (64,8 x 60,3cm)
Liel recroquevillé, 2013 (19,7 x18,7cm)


Solo exhibition at ''Fresh paint'' art fair with Gallery Litvak, 04-08 November, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Exhibition moved to the space of gallery Litvak untill end of Fefruary 2015, by appointment: info@litvak.com and tel: +972 3 7163897.

Sarah et Liel en bleu foncé, 2013-14 (127,2 X 230) Oil on canvas
Liel debout de profil 2011-12 (195 x 130cm)

Fresh Paint site www.freshpaint.co.i

Group exhibition with Corner,  18 january - 23 februar 2015 , Sophienholm Museum, Lyngby, Denmark.

Natan les genoux pliés, 2012-14 (112,7 x 91 cm)

First solo exhibition of Drawings at De Queeste Art, 23 November-25 January 2015,  Abele/Watou, Belgium.

Natan, 2014 (76 x 56,4 cm) graphite on paper

ART PALM BEACH, with Gallery Lltvak, 21-25 January 2015, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

Kunst Zurich with gallery Albrecht, Berlin, 29-01 2014, Zurich, Germany.

                Aure les cheveux tirés, 2013  (57 x 55cm)